Property Search

Property Finding Service

Lettings agents generally are happy to share properties amongst themselves and as such we can also access other agents property files as we are happy to ring around on your behalf and collate the best properties available... this sometimes can be easier for the person looking as they get to deal with one agent as oppose to dozens.

We will discuss your exact requirements with you and then conduct a thorough search of the market including our own extensive list of properties. We will ring around contacting all of the local reputable agents, collating suitable properties, and when you are ready, we will arrange a viewing tour on your behalf. As we have an in depth knowledge of the areas we cover, we can provide advice on location, schools, local amenities and transport links.

Once we have found you a suitable property we will help you to negotiate with the landlord directly, or through the Landlord’s agents.

The Fees
The property search is free of charge.

Should you rent a property as a result of the search, administration and other fees will apply. These will vary from agent to agent, however a list of our fees can be found here.