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Over the past decade prime London property has outperformed the FTSE quite handsomely. During this period prime central London property has achieved growth in average capital values of some 150%.

Compare this with the FTSE which recorded just 40% over the same period, making prime central London property a very attractive proposition for investors reviewing their options.

Even with the peaks and troughs in the UK property market; for the long term investor, owning property has a proven track record, and is, rightly, valued highly as an asset class. With less volatility than stocks and shares - prime central London property saw monthly changes of less than 7% whereas the FTSE varied by some 21.5% over the last ten years.

Even with the latest changes to Stamp Duty levels, and the introduction of the new 3% levy on buy-to-let properties and second homes, the returns remain high.

If you are considering acquiring a property for investment purposes, and would like to know more about how Admiral Property Partnership can assist with the process, please contact us for an informal discussion on how we can expertly guide you through the process.